Jewellery EM emerged as a collaboration of two friends, both interested in arts and design.


We make jewellery with greatest passion and commitment.


This is based on our belief that everything in this world is connected with each other, therefore we strive to pass high values through our artistic jewellery.


Every single piece of our work is unique and deeply deliberated.


Accordingly, we strive to make our art tangible in both spiritual and structural manner.


Our jewellery is not constrained by established symbols.


We are seeking for freedom of expression and we emphasize the importance of ones own analyze and understanding of the world we are living in.


The meanings of our jewellery artwork are depending on the accumulated understanding of the world, by the beholder.


Thus designing highly artistic jewellery, we are not limited by the selection of the materials.


Any human being, prone to analyzing the world with eyes wide open, can add additional value to its environment.


We strive to reach the truth, our own unique truth, yet the same truth we are sharing with all other human beings.


Our greatest inspiration is within ourselves. The more we know ourselves, the more we are closer to the unity. 


The inspiration is accompanied by endless curiosity, yet in the same time, by calmness and surrender to the flows of nature.


Our jewellery artwork is a mirror where the reflection of our inner worlds can be seen.


Every single piece of our jewellery has a name chosen from different parts of the world and its birth date, which signify it’s beginning of residing in our world. 


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