Exhibition "Silence" by Ebrahim Mohammadian


Ebrahim Mohammadian, the creative genius behind the Jewellery EM, will be exhibiting his paintings and sculptures in one of the best contemporary art galleries in Tehran - Azad Art Gallery - from 22.12.2017 to 2.1.2018. The exhibition's name "Silence" is symbolic in many ways, but hereby it represents the end of one period and opening a new chapter in both personal and professional world. Presented opus was made before co-creating Jewellery EM, together with Ena Mulavdic, but in the same time, the exhibition gives an exquisite insight on the origin of Jewellery EM, as well as it gives a historical perspective on how Ebrahim's work evoluated into Jewellery EM. If you happen to be in Tehran, we kindly suggest you to visit this amazing exhibition, curated by Babak Kabood.


The world we are living in is a very mysterious place and in the same time, beautiful in its’ mysteriousness. Since the moment we are born we start to dig and discover about our environment. Who we are? Why are we here? Where are we? …and similar questions begins to overwhelm our being. Answering these questions, being able to define them as in academic books may not be possible ever – but the more important act is to sharpen our inner world that could take anyone of us to a path of acceptance, love, thankfulness and finally, silence. The duality of good and evil is visible in every phenomenon, but both good and evil are capable to make us slow down, slacken for a moment on a spiral of our lives. Those moments of profound conscious or unconscious deliberation are precious. Love is the first step in achieving the concordance with the Supreme Being which is all of us - visually presented as a infinite fractal with it’s iterations sizing from infinite smallness to infinite greatness.  

It is insanely beautiful

how many details could be discovered in a single dot,

while we still did not comprehend

the abundance of meanings that it carries.


Through my artwork I strive to deliberate and express my inner thoughts. The selected artworks, named “Silence”, could be perceived as a visual diary, an example of a daily reminiscence leading to a tranquility and silence.


Ebrahim Mohammadian was born in Tabriz, Iran, in January 1985. In the high school age, he started to be more interested in art, mostly under the influence of his mother painter and older sister who is painter and sculptor. He finished Mirak School of Visual Arts in Tabriz, after which he moved to Yazd, where he was enrolled at the Yazd Arts University, Department of Painting. After winning few national competitions in art the path lead him to a famous painter Mohammad Fasounaki who was his mentor for over ten years. For this period of time, Ebrahim has increasingly improved his skills in painting, sculpture and miniature. From 2013 he continues his professional life in Istanbul, Turkey, working as a freelance artist and collaborating with many renowned artist and galleries. His prolific and meticulous artwork was exhibited at numerous exhibitions (the list is below) and publications. Currently, Ebrahim works as a jewellery artist, designer and maker for the “Jewellery EM” brand, which was created by himself and designer Ena Mulavdic. The brand is dedicated to one-of-a-kind, highly artistic jewellery and was launched in May 2016. Since then, Ebrahim has decided to turn his overall artistic activity to the art of jewellery, which could be followed at www.jewelleryem.com.


Exhibitions (Selected)

2016 BLOK Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey

2015 Seyhoun Gallery, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

2015 Ren Art, Istanbul, Turkey

2015 Mamut Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey

2013 Gallery Shiraz, Shiraz, Iran

2011 Gallery Serv, Tabriz, Iran

2010 Ganges Art Gallery, New Delhi, India

2009 Gallery Barg, Tahran, Iran

2008 Gallery Seba, Tahran, Iran

2008 Gallery Ferhang Sera, Tahran, Iran

2008 Gallery Art Home, Tabriz, Iran

2006 Tabriz Cultural Art Centre, Tabriz, Iran

2005 Gallery Art Home, Tabriz, Iran

2004 Gallery Behzad, Tabriz, Iran


Artists Talks and Lectures (Selected)

2016 When Two Worlds Collide – Ebrahim Mohammadian and Goksu Gul, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 CONNECTIONS BETWEEN THE WORLDS – An Interview With Artist Ebrahim Mohammadian, By Ena Mulavdic, Kaltblut Magazine, Berlin, Germany




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