Jewellery EM at Paris Fashion Week 2018


One of the most successful Bosnian fashion designers Belma Tvico and a great friend of Jewellery EM, will present Hierofilter Sunglasses alongside with her new collection at Paris Fashion Week 2018. 

Hierofilter sunglasses enables you to see the divine beauty we are surrounded by. It opens your heart while you are testifying the world with your eyes. Hierofilter is available in different colors and designs. They may vary, but its essence and purpose are always consistent.

Belma’s styles are inspired by nature and fractal, kaleidoscope imagery. Her creations are timeless and accentuate femininity. She adds playfulnesses to her looks by investigate opposing sensibilities such as: delicate and crude or flexibility and constraint. 

For more information about Belma Tvico, visit her web site

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